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October 03, 2007


Julian Jones

I'm seen some of her work but ever that much. I love the found object thing and i'm also a fan of the "cut it up and make it into something else" way of working.

Juliet Bucknell

im in grade 11 and am studying her as part of my assignment.

i love that she has no real purpose behind her art and it just seems to convey a sort of deep down emotion she was having.

another great thing about her is that she calls herself an arranger not a scuplturor because she already likes the things that she collets and doesnt just make some out of say a lump of clay.

her artwork is refreshing and to me it gives a laid back sense of tranquility and simplicity of an outback lifestyle . i enjoy it alot.

i love untitled(chart)1992-93
i wish there was more information about it. i am comparing it to Jan Billycan's artwork All The Jila 2006 for my assignment :)

thats my say.

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